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Michele Nosari

Personal & Business Money Coach


I help Working Women make Confident Day to Day Money Choices to Thrive in Business and in Life.



Tackled Past Debt

Paid off Credit Cards and Student Loans and made a plan to be debt free.  They understand the cost of their debt vs other goals.

Implemented a Spending Plan

Created a personal spending plan in alignment with their values.

Saved for Future Purchase

Saved strategically to reach a short term savings goal while still paying down debt and enjoying their current day to day spending choices.

Launched a Business

Successfully set up business accounts and launched their business including pricing, product offerings, marketing, networking, beta clients, and their first sale


About Me

Michele Nosari: Money Coach

I'm Michele and my specialty is guiding working women to make a plan with their day to day money choices in business and in life. 

My clients are ready to stop winging it financially, and get a plan to get ahead.  They want more choices in their future and are ready to make a change to pay down debt, save strategically and spend intentionally. 

I help working women transform their passion and mindset from a hobbyist to business owner.  We work together to set up systems to launch, and then create habits to from a foundation so their business is poised to scale.

I am an expert at weeding through the clutter to uncover clarity in your personal or business money choices.

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